Best Onan Diesel Generator Reviews

Whether you want to prepare your family for a natural disaster, power your RV or tiny house, or take a portable generator camping, a generator will get you there.

Generators supply power without being connected to the electric power grid by converting fossil fuels into electricity using a motor.

There are propane powered generators, natural gas powered generators, gasoline powered generators, and diesel powered generators.

Some generators accept more than one type of fuel, which can be handy when supplies are limited or hard to reach, such as during a natural disaster.

Why Diesel?

Diesel powered generators are preferred by consumers and businesses for many reasons. In today’s world, diesel is one of the cheaper fossil fuels, and readily available at nearly any gasoline station.

It is predicted that in the future, diesel may be easier to find than gasoline. While it is typical priced higher per gallon than gasoline, diesel has a higher energy density, so that more energy can be extracted with the same volume of liquid.

For you, this means longer periods of power with the same fuel tank capacity of a gasoline generator. Longer periods of power without refueling means convenience and comfort for you!

Diesel engines also use a different technique to ignite the fuel, which requires lower temperatures than gasoline, so diesel engines oftentimes last much longer than gasoline engines – important if you are preparing for long term use, whether powering a small home or preparing for long term disaster.

Because of many different technical aspects, such as the lack of spark plugs or carburetors, diesel powered engines simply live longer and require less maintenance than other types of engines.

Diesel generators such as the Onan Diesel Generator may last up to three times longer than similar products relying on other types of fuel.

Diesel is also much safer. There is less chance of accidental ignition in the event of a leak than with gasoline.

If Commercial Establishments and Hospitals Use Them, You Should Too

Diesel generators, such as the Cummins Onan Diesel Generator, are used in many industrial and commercial establishments, and are a great option for many business owners.

Products like the Onan Diesel Generator can operate as your primary power source or as a backup power supply in the event of grid failure.

Hospitals primarily rely on diesel generators because of the fuel efficiency and reliability of diesel engines – in the event of a power failure, hospitals need power immediately, and they don’t need equipment they can’t trust. If hospitals and industrial complexes rely on diesel power, you should too.

Disadvantages of Diesel

There are a few drawbacks to products like the Onan Diesel Generator. They are noisy compared to gasoline generators, but many now include a soundproof casing.

Diesel generators are also made of large, heavy components. What you save in replacing parts, you may pay for in professional service appointments.

Diesel is also less friendly to the environment, so if you are eco-conscious, natural gas generators may be the best option for you, as you can also use other types of biological fuel such as methane to run them.

The benefits of using diesel often outweigh the disadvantages for many users and applications, so let’s move forward on the assumption that you will be purchasing a diesel powered generator.

Wattage – How much do I need?

That question depends on a number of factors. Are you using your diesel generator for camping, where you have substantially less products to power simultaneously?

Do you plan to power a sump pump, washer and dryer, water heater, lighting, electronics, personal devices, kitchen appliances, and more, or do you simply power small appliances in a small home and use a small water heater as needed?

To figure out how much power you need, read the labels on your lightbulbs, devices, appliances, and/or tools and equipment that you plan to power through a generator.

Add up all of the wattage requirements and multiple by 1.5 to reach the minimum amount of power needed on your new generator.

For most campers, small job sites, and backup power, an 8,000 watt generator will do nearly everything you need it to do.

If you’re planning to power all of the aforementioned items, you may need a larger generator.

green diesel generator

Cummins Onan Diesel Generator – Onan 8 HDKAU


The Onan Diesel Generator set includes a quiet diesel series generator with pure sine wave output, digital voltage regulation, enclosed muffler, spark arrestor, sound insulated cover, intake silencer, air cleaner, hour meter, waterproof connector for remote operation, and more.

There are over voltage, low oil pressure, overheating, over speed, and overload safeties to ensure your generator is not overwhelmed to the point of stalling out or overheating your unit.

Service and maintenance are a breeze from below or side service access panels.

A one touch stop and water resistant controls help ensure you can operate the unit even in the worst of conditions.


  • Enclosed muffler and soundproof casing help noise level
  • 8,000 watt generator capable of running a full campsite or most home appliances
  • Waterproof connector for remote operation


  • Must be installed and serviced by professional technician
  • Large, bulky, permanent unit
  • Most expensive residential generator option at $10,000

permanent diesel generator

Cummins Onan Diesel Generator – Onan 6 HDKAH


This 8,000 watt generator has computer-controlled variable speed operation allowing it to minimize noise output and matching the power output to the current needs of the unit.

The soundproof housing also helps noise level and encloses the cooling and muffler system.

Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify troubleshooting and reduce the immediate need for a technician. This unit is capable of running two 15,000 BTU air conditioners with power to spare!


  • 8,000 watt generator capable of powering large appliances and entire campsite or RV setup
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities
  • Soundproof housing helps noise level


  • Diesel engines will always be noisier than gasoline units
  • Large, bulky, permanent unit
  • Price of $8,500 may deter some buyers


If you’re looking for the most reliable, longest lasting generator for long term emergency preparedness or primary power, an 8,000 watt generator will suit most of your needs and the Onan diesel generator is a great option for those willing to fork over the hefty price tag.

Diesel generators are more fuel efficient, require less maintenance and repair, and last up to three times longer than other types of fuel.

They’re safer and less likely to ignite than other types of fuel. All in all, the benefits of a diesel generator may outweigh the disadvantages, depending on your need.

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